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DC Works

Agility in the financial management of an international installation operator

DC Works Finland Oy, which serves the US search engine company, the IT industry and industry, among others, is an exceptional company on a European scale – it thrives in a sector where competitors are groups employing thousands of people. In growing and internationalizing installation operations, agility and special expertise are also sought from financial management.

Gallant’s partnership with DC Works Finland has continued since 2014, ever since the company was founded. During this time, the startup has grown into a respected operator of 50 people, serving its customers in addition to industrial instrumentation and automation installations in demanding data center locations across Europe. Although DC Works Finland operates in a traditional field, its operating methods are anything but old-fashioned – the company is run efficiently, mobilely and paperlessly, for example from an airport or construction site. DC Works Finland is used to moving where projects lead and working hours are not always from eight am to four pm.

– When I started the company, I knew that payroll and accounting should be left to professionals. After talking to Gallant’s advisor, I was convinced of their competence, says Marko Husu, CEO of DC Works Finland.

Interaction and trust are crucial

Gallant is responsible for DC Works Finland’s payroll and accounting and provides expert assistance in financial administration. As the company moved to a more appropriate ERP system for the industry, Gallant quickly took on a new environment. This year, the support provided by Business Finland, tax consulting and matters related to corporate structure have been on the surface. The most important thing in cooperation is smooth interaction. The transformation of work to be independent of time and place has also been commonplace at Gallant for years.

– Gallant manages the payroll of mobile work and takes care of things on time. Accounting and other professional services are also of consistently high quality, and the location of our contact person in Australia has not caused any difficulties. Cooperation works because communication is proactive, open and active on both sides. When a financial management partner knows the soul life of a company, it is easier to focus on developing operations, Marko says.

Communication is proactive, open and active on both sides. When a financial management partner knows the soul life of a company, it is easier to focus on business development.
CEO Marko Husu, DC Works Finland

DC Works Finland Oy

  • Founded in 2014, own company established in the Netherlands in 2015
  • Focused on industrial and data center installations
  • Area of ​​operation Finland and Europe
  • Turnover in 2021 approximately 4 M €, personnel approximately 50

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