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Tax-related services with professional confidence and skill.

Is your desk overflowing with taxation-related issues or tasks? We can help you with anything from tax planning to applications and from value added tax to company reorganisation. Turn to us now, and we can help you anticipate and minimise tax consequences as soon as possible. 

We can also assist you with personal tax issues!

Tax planning for companies and owners

We believe that well begun is half done – including when it comes to taxation. The key words are anticipation and skilful planning. These will help you avoid tax consequences in many situations, such as mergers, transfer of business operations or share exchange. Our experts are familiar with different company forms and take their special needs into account. 

Change of generation

Did you know that a change of ownership between close relatives can provide tax relief? A well-designed change of generation can take place with reasonable tax consequences. The transition can take place as a gift, a company acquisition, or a combination of these – at a considerably lower purchase price than in an ordinary company acquisition. When the planning is started well in advance, tax consequences can also be minimised by arrangements preceding the change of ownership. 

Tax declarations

Sit back and relax. Our experts will prepare the required tax declarations on your behalf for all types of taxes and personal taxation. 

Value added tax

We give you advice on the special questions and procedures related to value added tax and international VAT issues.

Applications for advance ruling, exemption orders and appeals

Can we help you with your applications? We help companies with many types of applications:

  • We have plenty of experience in preparing applications for advance ruling related to gift taxation, value appraisement and tax-free assignment of fixed asset shares.
  • We prepare applications for exemption orders related to the right of use of losses.
  • We offer appeal services for different types of taxes and court instances. You can also consult an expert on how to succeed with appeals.
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