Your advisor on finance, HR and payroll management, taxation, and corporate law

Gallant is a reformer of corporate finances and an advisor for forward-looking companies that turns your figures into a superiority factor. This new type of financial advisor issues well-founded advice that helps you make the best decisions possible. We work with a smile on our face, with all our heart, and with lofty goals.


The energetic advisory company provides services to market leaders in their respective industries, international growth companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and promising start-ups.

Advisory Services

Gallant offers advisory services on finance, HR management, taxation, corporate law, and consultancy by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Financial Services

Gallant is a close partner that harnesses financial data to the benefit of your business operations.

Leppävaaran Laskenta and Gylling Accounting will be together – Gallant

Leppävaaran Laskenta and Gylling Accounting, two advisory organisations on financial administration, are merging. In the future, we will be together Gallant –  a modern, innovative consortium of traditional and eminent advisors in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Pirkanmaa and Kanta-Häme. Our merger is based on long and close cooperation. Both companies have the same desire for...

Tuomas Tahvanainen | | News