Gallant is an advisory company specialising in business operations and financial administration. Our services cover all stages of a company’s life cycle. We offer Finland’s most inclusive financial, HR and advisory services under one roof. And, to top it all, you are always attended to by your own designated experts. 

Whether you need help with accounting, legal issues or a corporate acquisition, we are there for you, whatever business life throws at you.

Your partnership with Gallant gives you peace of mind, adds to your resources and offers a clear outlook on the future. We are a trusted partner for market leaders, international growth companies, SMEs and promising start-ups. 


Financial Administration

Accurate and responsible real-time financial administration gives you valuable information about your business operations. We will give you our full support in all financial administration-related services: accounting, financial statements, payroll computation and payment management. 


Human Resources Management

A competent and motivated workforce is your greatest asset. Therefore, it is vital that HR practices and management support the company strategy and staff well-being. Together with our HR specialist you can plan and develop HR management processes as part of your company strategy.


Advisory Services

In addition to financial administration services, our experts can help you with corporate law, taxation, financial management and business financing. Together we will lay the foundation for your company’s success. We can be your partner both locally and internationally.

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We help you with everyday routines by combining knowledge and technology.

Use your time better and focus on leadership

Large-scale company, start-up or small enterprise? Whatever the current stage of your business journey, we offer you solutions that have been tuned up to improve your specific business operations. 

All our services

Financial Administration

Your reliable financial administration partner is just a click away! We offer solutions for accounting, financial statements, payroll computation and payment management.


Expert accounting services on time and reliably. Outsource your accounting to capable hands with Gallant!

Payment Management

Payment management services for smooth cash flow and day-to-day affairs. We handle purchase and sales ledgers, debt collection and sales invoices for you.

Debt collection services

Debt collection doesn't have to be faceless and cold. With us, your designated advisor or team handles reminder and debt collection services in a customer-friendly manner.

Software Counsulting

Are you looking for suitable financial management software for your company, or is it time to switch to a new program? Feel free to contact us; we're here to help.

Interim Payment Management

Do you need temporary help for handling purchase and sales ledgers? Find an interim financial administration expert quickly and flexibly!

Interim Accounting

Do you need temporary assistance with managing your company's accounting? Find financial management experts for temporary positions quickly and flexibly!

Interim Payroll Service

With the interim payroll service, you get a flexible and professional solution for your organization's temporary payroll needs.

HR Management Services

A skilled and motivated staff is your company’s strongest competitive advantage. Tone up your business with HR and payroll management services.

Payroll Services

Let’s spruce up your payment administration! Our strengths include skilled payroll computation, strong skills in collective labour agreements, and explicit reporting. Read more!

HR Manager

Complete your team with an expert HR Manager! Whatever the situation, our professionals will give an extra boost to your HR administration.

HR Consulting

Working HR administration is your key to success. Our HR consultant will help your company with HR duties, processes and transition.

HR Auditing

HR auditing will chart the present state of your HR administration. Find out what the deficiencies and risks in your operations are, and  you can significantly reduce costs and extra work.

Interim HR

Do you need temporary help with your company’s HR administration duties? Secure your business with an interim HR manager or HR professional!

Outplacement Service

With the Outplacement Service, you can offer employees the opportunity to receive assistance in reemployment. Contact us, and let's talk!

Advisory Services

Can you get all expert corporate law, taxation, financial and HR administration services from one partner? With Gallant you can!

CFO Services

More time, more knowledge and expert ideas for financial management! Gallant’s CFO services will provide security to your company finances.

Interim CFO and Controller

Temporary help for your financial administration needs quickly, flexibly and professionally! Read how an interim CFO or expert can help your company.

CFO and Controller Services

Is your company missing CFO or Controller? Fill the empty chair with Gallant’s CFO service – temporarily or permanently!

Budgeting and Financial Planning

With us, you look ahead in financial matters: both budgeting and forecasts.

BI Services

Accurate data helps in business decision-making, planning and forecasting. We can help you to plan your tomorrow with BI service.

Knowledge Management and Financial Reporting

Let’s make knowledge part of your daily routine! We will boost your company’s knowledge management and administration processes to make sure that your business is not based on guessing.

Cash Flow Forecasting

A cash flow forecast gives you a general vew of your company’s present and future liquidity. Free up valuable time by outsourcing forecasts to professionals!

Tax Services

Are you preoccupied with value added taxation and tax planning, or do you grind your teeth over tax declarations? Professional tax services are only a phone call away!

Tax consultation

Do you need tax consulting? The support of our experts in tax and company law, or questions related to personnel management, is just a contact away!

Legal Services

We offer professional legal services, from setting up a company to share issues. Let’s find a solution for your company’s needs together!

Financial Services

When you have financing needs, remember Gallant! We know corporate financing alternatives, application processes and documents like the backs of our hands.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a cross-section of a company’s business and its risks and opportunities. Get a thorough inspection from Gallant's financial experts!

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Would you like to know more about our services and solutions? Contact us! We can help your company manage change, growth and daily operations alike.