Gallant has packaged its strong expertise for you. With us, you can make use of data, technology and special expertise in your respective field to produce competitive advantage. And, to top it all, our solutions enable you and your team to focus on the work itself. 

Our experts provide a concentrated dose of solutions for the building trade, start-ups and companies who need a helping hand quickly and easily. 

And there is more! We help companies irrespective of their line of business.


For construction sector

Our team of top experts knows the field like the back of their hands! We understand the quirks of building industry accounting, speak the same language, and help you to find the best financial management methods and tools.


For start-up companies

What if all the financial and expert solutions required by your growth company were available under one roof? Gallant has packaged everything for you! We walk by your side for the whole duration of your company’s life cycle – from the dynamic start all the way to going public.


Interim solutions

Resignations, shorter and longer absences, internationalisation, growth… When you are faced with unexpected changes and needs, we stand by your side. Gallant has the required expertise for the many duties and roles in financial and HR administration. What kind of expertise would you like?

All growth-producing solutions under one roof!

We don’t just twiddle our thumbs when it comes to software.

Our varied selection of software, together with special expertise, is a winning combination. Learn about our software know-how!

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