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Do you want to develop your business but don’t have the time or resources? Our CFO service is targeted at those who need more time, information and expert views on financial management. 

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We are a resourceful partner who solves challenges related to business, profitability and investments with you. How about getting flexible and personal expert service exactly when your company needs it? 

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We are here to ensure that your company’s financial management is sustainable and profitable.
Kimmo Nyman,
Hello! Are you wondering about the financial management of your company?
We help you whenever you need assistance with the financial matters of your company. We are happy to listen and find the most suitable solutions for you!
Backing growth: Innohome and Gallant
Gallant is the most dedicated partner in financial management I have encountered throughout my long career. We are not just a number in the ticket queue: service is personal, flexible and fast.

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Our advisors help you to navigate your business towards success.