Advisory Services

The partner of choice for those who want to get their money’s worth.

Few of us are experts in many specialised fields – nor should we be. Our experts ensure the best possible stepping stones for your company’s success by means of consultation in business law, taxation, financial management and corporate financing. 

Consultation and support, every step of the way

Internationalisation, growth, corporate acquisitions – we walk with you all the way towards your goals. 

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Gallant takes care of the numbers and keeps your directors, investors, personnel and clients happy.
Gallant’s expert did a wonderful job, all the way to briefing her successor. Thanks to her, we had enough time for a careful recruitment process and the new talent was fully up to speed right from the start.
Heikki Rintala,
Hey, you!
Did you know that you can find our experts practically next door? Or if not quite next door, always within easy reach – from anywhere in the world.

We got your back!

Whatever you need, every Gallant expert is at your service. We are happy to tell you more about our advisory services that will help you find your own growth path.