Interim Payroll Services

We got your back – even in unexpected situations.

When surprises arise, help is at hand. Our payroll experts are always ready to complement your team in temporary situations. You gain access to professional expertise on short notice and tailored to your specific needs, whether for shorter or longer replacement needs. We take responsibility for your company's payroll for a specified period, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Interim payroll is your safety net just when you need it the most:

  • During family leaves or other absences.
  • When you need extra time for recruitment or hiring decisions.
  • If specialized payroll expertise is required.
  • When the workload temporarily becomes too overwhelming.

You can be worry-free during times of change

Our experienced experts ensure that temporary outsourcing of payroll is handled in the best possible way. When we are in control, all payroll tasks are carried out in accordance with regulations and on time.

Pinja Sirola,
We offer you experts who understand various aspects of payroll. We have extensive knowledge of different software, industries, and their collective agreements. If needed, we can continue handling your payroll even after the interim period.
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Gallant excels in mobile work payroll and manages matters promptly. Collaboration works when communication is open and active from both sides.

We got your back!

Find a suitable payroll expert who helps your company move towards success.