Collection Services

Efficient collections for a stronger financial position.

Collections are a crucial part of managing a company's finances, helping ensure business continuity, strengthen financial positions, and create better conditions for long-term success.

We handle reminders and collections for both consumers and businesses in accordance with good collection practices and collection laws – smoothly, solution-oriented, and through collaboration. Timely receivables management can significantly impact cash flow and minimize credit losses.

Combining Technology and People

Collections are efficiently managed utilizing technology – without forgetting the importance of personal customer service. From us, you get customer-friendly reminder and collection services handled by your designated expert or team. With us, you ensure that collections are not impersonal and cold; we enable your customers to be treated and continue their customer relationship even in collection situations.

We efficiently manage collections utilizing technology – without forgetting the importance of personal customer service.

Flexible reminder and collection service

Personalized service

Did you know that collections can be handled in a customer-friendly manner? Our collection service ensures a personalized approach for both customers and their stakeholders.

Dedicated experts

Our team consists of dedicated professionals or specialists assigned to handle your needs.


The collection service seamlessly integrates with other payment management services, taking care of the comprehensive recovery of your company's accounts receivable.

Fixed monthly price

A fixed price covers the recording of receivables, reminders, and collection services.

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The timeliness of the sales ledger serves as the foundation for smooth cash flow, good customer relationships, and effective accounting. By trusting Gallant with managing your company's receivables, you can focus on advancing your business, without worrying about challenging situations related to receivables.

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