Payment management

Behind it all is an accounts ledger!

It’s a common story: once again, a large part of your working day is spent on processing purchase invoices, contacts from customers, handling money transactions or dealing with problems. What would happen if you were to spend the same amount of time on business development? 

We enable success 

We make sure that your company’s ledger processes, invoicing and debt collection go smoothly. Well-designed processes improve your finances and help avoid unnecessary risks. Our modern team of ledger specialists has extensive experience in software, including international financial administration software and ERP solutions.

Purchases and sales ledger

Up-to-date and accurate purchases and sales ledgers constitute a basis for a smooth cash flow, good customer and supplier relations, and efficient accounting. For us, ledgers are not just a by-product of accounting, but an interesting subarea that demands a myriad of skills. We are familiar with the urgent measures related to ledgers and payment traffic, as well as situations that require a rapid response, visible all the way to the customer interface. That is why we deal with them with passion and great professional skill.

Sales invoices

Correct and on-time invoicing is the very foundation of a business. In order to get sales invoicing right first time, one should pay attention to many important issues, starting with legislation. With our professionals you can rest assured that your company’s invoices are always delivered to customers as agreed. We will attend to the information on the invoice, as well as correct receipts and billing cycles. 

Payment reminders and debt collection

Professional receivables management is beneficial not only for your company's finances but also for its reputation. We handle consumer and business payment reminders and collections in accordance with good collection practices and debt collection laws – smoothly, solution-oriented and through collaboration. Timely receivables management plays a significant role in cash flow and minimizes credit losses.

All things
back office

We attend to customer service for company interest groups on issues related to ledgers, invoicing and payment traffic. Please feel free to request more information about other tailored services, such as process automation or training! 

Your own outsourced payment management team

With good defensive play, you have a winning team. The same applies to ledgers. Our team makes sure that the success of your company is not compromised because of faulty processes or if an employee falls ill. We adapt to your company’s needs and take care of one, several or all of your payment management tasks.

  • We work at the required pace.
  • We attend to up-to-date invoicing and cash flow.
  • We tackle cash flow issues and make processes run smoothly.
  • We work out any lack of clarity in the ledgers, also regressively.
  • Your personal expert at your service.
  • The service can also be agreed for a short period, such as during the summer months.
Annukka Poikkeus-Larionov,
Hello! How may our team help you?
My team of payment management professionals and I have ample experience in both software and ledger processes. Please do not hesitate to ask for further information!
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Throughout my long career I have never met a financial management partner who is as dedicated to its clients. We are not just another faceless account. The service is personal, flexible and fast.

Temporary addition to your team

Find an interim financial administration expert quickly and flexibly!

Sick leave, parental leave, increased workload or sticky processes. Life sometimes throws a spanner in the works. Whether they are happy or challenging occasions, our experts will provide temporary relief quickly and reliably.

We got your back!

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