Knowledge-based management and financial reporting

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Knowledge-based management and financial reporting hold a vital position in a successful company. Knowledge-based management is perceived as presenting information so that it can be understood, by turning data about the company’s various business operations into measurable and visual form. 


Let’s make knowledge part of the daily routine

Gallant’s financial experts support knowledge-based management by developing the customer’s processes in cooperation with them to make knowledge-based management possible in the respective organisation. 
Process development may entail the introduction of various cost objects or report development. Gallant utilises the Fuusor BI tool to make knowledge-based management and financial reporting part of the everyday routine. 

No knowledge without technology

There’s no smoke without fire, and there’s no knowledge without technology. Financial reporting intermeshes with knowledge-based management. Financial reporting by sophisticated methods enables knowledge-based management with which an organisation is able to make the right decisions, and the company’s operations can be developed in the right direction. 

Would you like to actively monitor your company’s economic indicators, customer-specific sales volumes, profitability of operations, or other key performance indicators?  We’ll make it happen!

Jere Värri,
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Knowledge-based management and financial reporting benefits both small and large companies. We at Gallant help companies develop and adopt these tools.

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