Interim solutions

An extra pair of hands – when you need it.

Internationalisation, longer and shorter absences, increased workload – or maybe just a growing business? Whatever your need is, Gallant’s HR administration and financial experts are there to assist you at the right moment and for just as long as you need.

The solution to a temporary need for expertise

With us, you will find dependable staff for tasks and projects that require special expertise! Our expert will be a part of your team and they will confidently handle the work trusted to them. Here at Gallant we are more than just an extra pair of hands: we will help you improve processes and outline the future of your business. 

Interim solutions are intended for companies of all sizes.

We got your back in all situations.


Looking for help for temporary needs?

Find an expert to support your financial and HR administration quickly and reliably!

Backing growth: Tammer Brands and Gallant
An interim financial manager from Gallant managed their work excellently and helped us improve our processes. In addition, Gallant helped us find a top-notch professional for the task

We got your back!

We will help you in any situation. Give us a call or leave a contact request, and we will design the best solution for your company.