HR auditing

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Do you need help understanding the present situation or finding development targets? Is your company’s HR management and payroll administration up to requirements? HR audits include a survey of the present state of HR documentation and payroll administration. They also verify the quality of payroll administration and find possible future areas of growth.

We help you identify risks and targets for development

In order to develop, you need to know where to start. Audits will give you insights into the development measures and risks that need to be addressed. 

With knowledge, you can:

  • prevent disputes related to issues such as employment contracts
  • significantly reduce costs and extra work
  • get leverage amidst change, such as in outsourcing and calculating cost savings

We will prepare a document for you with a development proposal and the tools for success. The service is tailored to your individual needs in order to best support your company.

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With auditing, we can find potential growth opportunities on the horizon.

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