Outplacement Service

Secure changes in the personnel situation.

Are you seeking assistance in organizing employee change management? We can transform even challenging workforce transitions into opportunities. Outplacement Service provides your company with an effortless way to ensure that a terminated employee can build a successful career path toward their desired future.

Individual Outplacement Service

Our outplacement service caters to various needs, providing expert support and assistance to employees during their reemployment process. It offers tailored coaching and training to address each employee’s unique requirements, situations, and goals.

The service includes:

  • Basic Coaching Sessions: Typically five coaching sessions, with flexible durations based on individual needs. Additional sessions can be added or reduced as necessary.
  • Personal Career Coaching: Aids in reemployment efforts.
  • Comprehensive Training and Education Options: Allows employees to pursue supplementary education, transition to entirely new fields, or engage in short courses based on their interests and preferences.
  • Extensive Network of Recruitment Professionals.

When does a company need Outplacement Services?

  • Companies employing more than 30 individuals are obligated by law to provide change security services.
  • Outplacement services must be offered to employees with at least 5 years of continuous employment before termination.
  • The value of coaching must be at least equivalent to either the terminated employee’s calculated monthly salary or the average monthly earnings of personnel working at the same location, whichever is higher.
  • Outplacement services should be organized within two months after the end of the notice period, although exceptions may apply based on compelling reasons.
Mira Mäkinen,
Hello, let us manage the outplacement service for you!
Our HR Advisors have extensive expertise in personnel management, and we have comprehensive partner networks at our disposal. We stand by your side during personnel-related change situations.
We have had a positive experience with Gallant’s HR Interim service, where collaboration has been seamless and excellent. Therefore, it was natural for us to choose Gallant to handle our change security services as well.

We have received positive feedback from the service, and those being coached felt genuinely cared for. They received the much-needed support during the change situation at just the right time.

Outplacement Service provides security in termination situations

Behind personnel changes, there is always a need to secure the company's operations in the best possible way, but for employees, changes are often tough. The Outplacement Service ensures that the employee is not left in the lurch.

We got your back!

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