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Please get in touch, and we will assist your company in any situation! Gallant’s 12 agencies and nearly 200 growth experts are located all around Finland.

Call prices from mobile 8.35 s/call and 16.69 s/min, from fixed network 8.35 s/call and 6.91 s/min, there are no additional charges for queuing.


Inka Isokoski
Inka Isokoski Head of Accounting Services
Nina Katajainen
Nina Katajainen Head of Accounting Services
Annukka Poikkeus-Larionov
Annukka Poikkeus-Larionov Head of Payment Management Services
Pinja Sirola
Pinja Sirola Head of Payroll Services
Anniina Rajamäki
Anniina Rajamäki Head of Software Consulting
Mira Mäkinen
Mira Mäkinen Head of HR Advisory Services
Kimmo Nyman
Kimmo Nyman Head of CFO services
Hanna Rantala
Hanna Rantala Head of Tax & Legal Services

Executive team

Tuomas Tahvanainen
Tuomas Tahvanainen Chief Executive Officer
Aki Kuusisto
Aki Kuusisto Chief Technology Officer
Mikko Avelin
Mikko Avelin Chief Growth Officer
Elina Grönlund
Elina Grönlund COO, Financial Services
Heikki Rintala
Heikki Rintala COO, Advisory Services
Jarkko Vähämäki
Jarkko Vähämäki COO
Jenni Lehtola
Jenni Lehtola Chief Culture Officer


Max Gylling
Max Gylling Chairman of the Board
Taneli Tikka
Taneli Tikka Member of the Board

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