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Financial management software tailored to business needs.

For all your company's software needs, get help from our experienced experts, from mapping financial management software to its ongoing development. When all business-related information is in one place, you can make better decisions and focus on growth.

Financial Management Software

We understand the needs of different industries and financial management software, which is why we can recommend a solution that suits your business. Over the years, we have built an extensive network of partners, through which you can access the best and up-to-date software expertise.

Software implementations

Implementation includes switching software to the following programs: Netvisor, Procountor, Fennoa, and Lemonsoft. We also offer support for implementing software interfaces to ensure that necessary information flows automatically from other systems.

Primary usage of the software

Let us take care of the primary usage of your software environment. We can handle new users, permissions, user support, and environment maintenance on your behalf. We manage the primary usage of the following software with solid expertise: Netvisor, Procountor, and Lemonsoft.


We provide training for the daily use of financial management in the following software: Netvisor, Procountor, Fennoa, and Lemonsoft.

User Support

You can get our daily usage support for Netvisor, Procountor, Fennoa, and Lemonsoft.

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