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Sound financial management is a prerequisite for the success of an international growth company

More than half of household fires start in the kitchen. The use of a stove is the greatest fire safety risk in homes. However, stove fires could be prevented by safety devices, such as stove guards developed by Innohome Oy. A Stove Guard can protect your neighbour, your home and your property. Certainty is also paramount when it comes to financial management of a growing and international company.

Founded in 2005, Innohome Oy is a Finnish pioneer in stove safety equipment technology. The company’s intelligent fire protection equipment responds to incidents even before toxic gases and fire are ignited, turning off the hob before any material or personal injury can occur. International awareness of the importance of stove safety equipment has increased, which is reflected in the company’s rapid growth. An EU standard has been created, and in Norway, for example, every new and renovated kitchen has a stove guard. Most of Innohome’s net sales are generated by exports, but growth is also evident in Finland, where the aging population with memory disorders constitute a special risk group. Innohome’s stove safety equipment has already been installed in over half a million sites around the world.

– From an economic point of view, an innovative, growing export company like Innohome Oy needs extensive, diversified and dynamic financial expertise. Quality and efficiency must also be at the highest possible level in our financial and administrative processes, says Mervi Sormaala, CFO of Innohome Oy.

Safe everyday life

Gallant’s financial management experts have been alongside Innohome Oy for years. Long cooperation means mutual trust and smooth operations. Today, the services cover the basic financial management processes of Innohome, such as accounting, ledger and payroll management, but support is also always available for the most demanding projects and HR matters.

– We’ve had a lot of experience together, and Gallant has proven that it puts customers first, over and over again. We have sometimes worked very closely together on projects around the clock, and together we have always found the best solutions, says Mervi.

Mervi also considers it important that Gallant maintains expertise and actively communicates topical issues in the field. All in all, well-run financial management has been praised by Innohome’s senior management and other stakeholders.

– Thanks to Gallant, I can focus on developing financial management and business, and I can count on Gallant doing the basic work properly. Their experts seem like my own team, and throughout my long career I have not met an external financial management partner who is as dedicated to its clients. We are not a faceless ticket, but the service is personal, flexible and fast. I warmly recommend Gallant to international companies that need diverse expertise like us, says Mervi.