Payment Management

Sales invoicing, ledgers and debt collection

Our specialists collect sales receivables as quickly as possible, maximize the liquidity of your company and reduce risks of credit losses. They ensure that your financial administration is up to date and includes the necessary documents. A clear income forecast provides a reliable perspective into the future.

You can use this information when you, e.g., plan for the payment of sales bonuses, review the efficiency of your company’s services and production, or prepare to negotiate on contracts with customers. If necessary, we can also handle the collection of debts owed to you.

Sales invoicing is an important part of your company’s daily operation. Keeping it up to date and free from errors ensures liquidity and maximizes the amount of money available to you.

Competence in purchase invoicing

The Gallant purchase invoicing service saves your resources. Our specialists help anticipate your company’s finances and increase the amount of money at your disposal. Processing of purchase invoices helps us estimate your company’s future need for money and minimize the amount of cash on an interest-free bank account. When a supplier’s entire invoice history is on file, we can push VAT deductions forward and negotiate on more affordable procurement contracts.

Gallant purchase invoicing service

  • Receiving of purchase invoices
  • Verification of invoice details
  • Payment of invoices to the correct supplier
  • Preparation of payment forecasts
  • Processing of payment reminders (if necessary)
  • Payments outside the ledgers (if necessary)
  • Acquisition of missing materials (if necessary).
Throughout my long career I have not met an external financial management partner who is as dedicated to its clients. We are not a faceless ticket, but the service is personal, flexible and fast. CFO Mervi Sormaala, Innohome Oy