Tax consultancy services

Our tax planning advisors ensure optimal and anticipated solutions for different situations: we provide expertise on optimizing the taxation of the company and its shareholders. Proactive planning and correct accounting decisions during the financial year and in the financial statements ensure full right of deduction of company expenses and implementation of investments.

Tax planning produces the best result during corporate reorganization also.

Right moves in taxation

Each merger, demerger, assignment of business, and exchange of shares without tax consequences requires capable execution. Any losses accrued in previous financial years should be taken advantages of in a case of corporate reorganization. Succession that is planned correctly can be done with reasonable tax consequences, observing the interests of both the assigning and continuing entrepreneur.

Gallant plays “tax chess” with the confidence of an top advisor.

The overall tax burden of a consolidation group can be managed and reduced by utilizing group contribution and optimizing dividend distribution between group companies. Appropriate transfer pricing within the group ensures the management of tax risks and all special needs in the business operations. We would be happy to tell you more about our services and survey your business needs.