Services in corporate law

Are you looking for an advisor on mergers and acquisitions or legal affairs? Gallant finds practical solutions in a cost-efficient manner, observing all matters related to accounting. Our services in corporate law cover the whole life cycle of business operations, from the establishment of a company to the start-up phase, growth and potential exit from ownership.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

An organization’s structure, operations, employees and partnership undergo transformation during mergers and acquisitions. Gallant helps ensure the efficiency of the process, its schedule and consideration of all perspectives, without any unpleasant surprises – to the benefit of the buyer, seller, and provider of finance. Mergers and acquisitions often call for financing arrangements also. Our advisors help you find funding with the help of our extensive partner networks.

Gallant Legal services

  • Share transactions and business acquisitions
  • Cases of succession
  • Mergers
  • Demergers
  • Assignment of business operations
  • Dissolution
  • Share issues
  • Exchanges of shares
  • Other ownership or structural reorganization

Corporate transactions

Gallant ensures that each share transaction and business acquisition succeeds, meets its goals and goes as planned. Once the transaction is completed, an important phase begins in unifying corporate cultures and financial administration and processes; we have experienced CFO and HR specialists to help you with this.

A successful corporate transaction requires careful preparation, planning and execution.

Gallant services during corporate transactions

  • Ensuring that the company is fit for sale
  • Planning the options for implementing the transaction
  • Due diligence (investigation of the subject of a corporate transaction)
  • Determination of the value of a company
  • Agreeing on the terms and conditions of a transaction
  • Preparing a bill of sale
  • Consulting on a business being acquired or sold throughout the process


A merger requires a methodical approach. A corporate transaction or an easing of the corporate structure often leads to a consolidation of the companies, minimizing business and administrative expenses and enhancing the operation. A merger process usually lasts for approximately six months, and it is advisable to start planning for the arrangement well in advance. The Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act enables many methods for a merger, and we help you choose the most profitable alternative.

Gallant services during mergers

  • Planning the merger process and preparing the merger plan
  • Appropriate decisions from the merging and receiving company’s Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting
  • Notifications to the Trade Register
  • Coordination of statements requested from the auditor
  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Consultancy from the beginning until the end of the process


Expanding business operations or planning a corporate transaction can lead to the division of a limited liability company’s operation, assets and liabilities to two or more enterprises. A demerger executed in line with the tax legislation is implemented without any tax consequences, in approximately six months. A demerger can be implemented as a full or partial demerger, and it can also be used as a risk management method, for instance.

Share issue

Do you wish to enhance the shareholder’s equity or change the ownership of your company? A share issue can be used to assign treasury shares or new shares to existing or new shareholders. A share issue can be a rights issue or a bonus issue. Gallant advisors would be happy to tell you more about the various options for a share issue and the entire process we follow to ensure the most appropriate alternative for the situation.


A change of ownership between close relatives can yield a tax relief. Succession can be implemented, for example, as a gift or a corporate transaction – at a sale price that is significantly lower than in an ordinary transaction. Any succession planning should always be started well in advance. This helps optimize tax consequences with arrangements prior to the actual change of owner.