CFO services and financing

Gallant CFO provides help, support and advice with the establishment and growth of your company, mergers and acquisitions, succession, and planning and financing of investments. Our  CFO is responsible for financial reporting and for calculations required by business operations and the decision-making process. This helps executives and owners focus on the management, implementation and development of the business operations.

Competent financial management saves time and money, and increases everyone’s peace of mind. You obtain knowhow for budgeting and financial management as well as up-to-date information in support of your decisions.

Move your gaze away from the rear-view mirror in financial affairs too.

For whom is the CFO service suitable, and what does it entail?

Our tailored CFO services is especially suitable for situations where hiring a controller is either unprofitable or impossible. You obtain additional resources for financial management and reporting during, e.g., the company’s growth phase or in situations of change.

If necessary, we can provide you with a full-time controller who is responsible for holiday substitution or challenges brought on by illness or staff turnover. We can also offer temporary assistance.

Gallant CFO – The full-service package

  • Ongoing financial forecasts and reports
  • Investment calculations
  • Forecasts
  • Applications for financing
  • Reporting and covenant terms of financial institutions

Why do you need financing advice?

Establishing a company and starting operation accumulates expenses even before they can be financed with business income. Initial financing requires a carefully prepared business plan and calculations on the profitability of the business operation. Corporate finance plays a crucial role during the development and growth phase, in investments and intense competition, and during mergers and acquisitions.

Financing is the lifeline for business operations.

Where should you start?

Our advisors review your company’s current situation and financing needs with you, and help with the preparation of a financing plan. We help you implement the financing application process, so you obtain the optimal financing structure and a secure financing situation.

Gallant financial advice

  • Survey of financing alternatives
  • Finding the optimal funding solution
  • Optimizing collateral arrangements
  • Obtaining providers of financing through our extensive networks (financial institutions, private equity financiers, Finnvera, Business Finland, etc.)

Financing advice for all changes

Gallant’s top advisors can find a place in the Sun in the financing of a start-up company, securing equity and debt financing for growth, and in any initial public offering (IPO) of the company. Our advisors would be happy to help you find the most suitable financing options. Feel free to contact us and ask for further information about our financing advisory and other services.

Financing advice increases power to business operations in all situations.

Throughout my long career I have not met an external financial management partner who is as dedicated to its clients. We are not a faceless ticket, but the service is personal, flexible and fast. CFO Mervi Sormaala, Innohome Oy