Taneli Tikka to strengthen Gallant’s board

Taneli Tikka to strengthen Gallant’s board

Taneli Tikka brings experience and insight, especially in strategy and change management, as well as technology understanding.

Taneli Tikka, a serial entrepreneur and a board professional, has been named as the new member of Gallant’s board. Max Gylling, with his broad experience as well as a strong vision for the future, will guide the board as their chairman.

Gallant had a busy beginning in the fall of 2019 when the two companies joined forces. After the unification of the new brand, the growth has continued at a rapid pace. Gallant has further developed its expertise to support users by expanding its expertise and bringing new capabilities to the Gallant family. After a busy autumn, it is time for us to focus on the foundation of the organization, which is building a strong board.

Gallant – just like the whole financial business sector is undergoing a major transformation.

Due to softwares and algorithms, expert work is more efficient and can cover ever larger entities with higher quality.  Because of this change and our own growth goals, it is important to ensure our strategic capabilities. The board will sharpen our strategy and create strategic agility for change. We shared the view with Max Gylling that there should be a clear distinction between operational and strategic work. It is a great thing to focus Max’s abilities purely on our business strategies. However, even though we have decades of experience in this business, it would be unwise to believe that we would succeed with our own expertise only. External board members are a valuable way to harness more excellence into the company.

The building of our board started through roles and capabilities. First, we outlined the key capabilities our board needs to achieve our goals and the will of its owners. This was followed by mapping individuals who can bring these abilities to us.

Taneli Tikka will bring experience and insight, especially to the strategy and change management as well as technology understanding. In addition, Taneli’s experience with effective board work will certainly help us to develop our management teamwork.

“Over 20 years of experience in management positions in the technology industry and serving on the boards of companies in various industries have given me strong insight and experience. My knowledge and experience provide me the tools to, as a member of the board, support Gallant’s strategy and future challenges and to help create the factors to succeed. Gallant is the sum of many different cultures and one clear theme for my work is building a culture together with other Gallantians and utilizing the positive resources found in our experts. I am incredibly happy to say that I am a part of this positive change as one of the Gallantians“, Taneli Tikka says.

Above all, a capable board brings support and peace of mind to the CEO when I know I have a team behind me that I can fully count on.

Tuomas Tahvanainen

Chief Executive Officer

Tuomas Tahvanainen

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