We serve our customers together with our partners

With our extensive software expertise, we provide comprehensive support to our customers in core business operations. In cooperation with our partners, we can offer our customers a suitable service package.


Fuusor is an industry-independent service suitable for the BI and budgeting needs of organizations of all sizes. Fuusor gathers and consolidates all business information in one place and offers versatile BI tools to support data management.

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Jydacom is a system for the construction industry that allows you to handle all the core functions of a construction company – quotation, production, financial management, payroll, government declarations and expense management. Jydacom works with special construction software.

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Netvisor automates the company’s financial management and provides all the features companies need in one cloud service, from invoicing to inventory management.

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Procountor is a reliable electronic financial management software that allows you to track your company’s finances in real time. We are a Platinum partner in Finago’s partner program.

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Knowledge-based management

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