Financial Administration Services

Financial administration that is precise and responsible and works in real time provides valuable information on your company’s business, secures its daily operation and saves money.

Customer service that is of high quality and close to the client is a matter of honor for us. We don’t simply report accounts on a monthly basis, instead we engage in an ongoing dialogue with you. Partnership with Gallant gives you peace of mind, increases your resources and provides a strong outlook to the future.

You will notice our high quality from the outset. We are within easy access, and we also make a change of accounting firms an effortless process.

Certainty and efficiency in financial administration

Our specialists constantly improve their skills, helping raise your company among the success stories. We offer a long-lasting, confidential partnership and genuine interaction.

Gallant Accounting service provides you with a designated Gallant specialist who is responsible for your company’s accounting, financial statements and tax return. Gallant Payroll frees your hands from payroll routines, and our Gallant Payment Management specialists know matters related to sales invoicing, ledgers, and debt collection better than their own pockets.

We serve international corporations and Finnish SMEs with the same passion.


Competent payroll calculation, reliable payment of salaries and clear reporting create a high-quality foundation for HR management.


This Gallant service offers all forms of accounting, preparation of financial statements and filing of tax returns.

Payment Management

Purchase invoicing, ledgers and debt collection