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Christina Dahlblom appointed to Gallant’s board

Christina Dahlblom, who has extensive experience in consulting, entrepreneurship and board work, has been appointed to join Gallant’s board of directors. Christina brings experience and insight especially to support the development of Gallant’s culture, personnel and management.

Gallant was formed in the fall of 2019 when two family businesses joined forces. Over the past year, Gallant has continued to grow through several acquisitions, and today Gallant offers services by nearly 160 experts in 8 different locations.

Gallant’s board is headed by Max Gylling, with Taneli Tikka as a member since a year. Christina Dahlblom will join the board as of October 1, 2020.

Christina Dahlblom has 20 years of experience in consulting and has worked in management positions and as an entrepreneur in several companies. Christina defended her Ph.D. from Hanken on customer loyalty in 2004 and has worked as a management consultant and coach since 2006, most recently as a Partner at Miltton. She serves on several boards, e.g. at Directors’ Institute Finland and Aktia Oyj, where she is also the chair of the Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee. Christina has been Gallant’s customer since 2012 and also facilitated Gallant’s strategy process in 2019.

“When I was asked to join Gallant’s board, it was easy to take on the challenge. As a customer of Gallant, I have experienced how Gallant can support an entrepreneur with various needs, making things run smoothly and reliably. At the same time, I have seen how boldly the owners are building a new player in the field of financial management. Numerous acquisitions have been made in a few years, while the service offering has developed in two important directions; traditional financial management services are becoming digital and automated, and at the same time the advisory services are increasing in depth and complexity. I have seen these changes in many other companies, and I hope to be able to support Gallant especially in the development of culture and people during this growth journey. Finland is a pioneer in the digitalization of financial administration, and it is an honor to be involved in this kind of growth story”, says Christina.

“Despite the changing global situation, Gallant continues to pursue its strategy. One of the cornerstones of Gallant’s strategy is committed and thriving staff. Therefore, it is natural to strengthen the board with an expert in this area. Our employees have strong and extensive expertise in various areas of financial management and we also want to assemble a board representing different areas of expertise. With the help of engaged experts and by making use of the opportunities brought by digitalization, we can boldly reform this rather traditional industry,”, says CEO Tuomas Tahvanainen and welcomes Christina to join the Gallant family.

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