IT System Consultancy

Straightforward IT system competence in financial administration guarantees efficient business operations and an opportunity for sizable cost savings. After a careful survey of financial administration and the systems, we implement a solution that enhances working and eliminates unnecessary intermediate phases. We help solve, e.g., challenges related to data input routines, systems competence, and data transfer.

Every one of our enhancement projects has improved our client’s business result.

Moving forward as a pioneer

Throughout its history, Gallant has been a pioneer in the electrification of financial administration. This provides you with plentiful experience of different information systems. We have carried out purchases of information systems and process reforms for several Finnish and international clients. Usually the most efficient solution is to package an application and the advisory services based on it as a seamless entity.

Gallant Portal – an easy-to-use view on a company’s finances

Gallant Portal is a browser-based financial administration system for the preparation of sales invoices, processing of purchase invoices, and financial reporting – in any place and at any time. This clear, efficient user interface gives a comprehensive view on a company’s finances, at a glance. The client can also drill down on an individual invoice from the income statement, for example.

Gallant product development guarantees effective support and continuously developing features.

Take a look at Gallant Portal.

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