HR Management Services, HR Manager, HR & Payroll audits

Competent and motivated employees are the most important competitive factor of any company. This is why having personnel practices and management that support both the company’s strategy and the well-being of its staff is important. Personnel matters also involve a great number of statutory obligations.

Gallant’s HR Management Services

  • Occupational health care
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching and direction of supervisors
  • Management and development of competence
  • Induction to work
  • In-house communications
  • HR consulting, and advice on employment relationships

Why an HR Manager?

When a company grows, the CEO and operations executives do not have enough time for full-time personnel management. Our HR Manager is responsible for employment relationship matters, interpretation of collective agreements, and HR reporting, in support of business operation and decisions made by management. Our HR Service helps executives and owners focus on the management, implementation and development of the business operations on a full-time basis.

The service is constructed flexibly, according to your needs, as a project that is either ongoing with full responsibility or for a fixed term. All of Gallant’s Advisory Services are at your disposal. The HR Manager can also work as a member of the management team.

HR & Payroll audits

An HR & Payroll audit tailored to your wishes surveys the current status of HR documents and payroll processes, improves the quality of payroll, and determines areas of development for future growth, for instance. We identify payroll-related defects and risks that can cause a considerable amount of extra work or significant costs. We crystallize and prioritize development measures to which investments can be allocated sensibly and correctly.

We would be happy to provide further information about the various alternatives and packages in our HR services. Please contact us!