Gallant Story

Step into a story of two family businesses, working together, and Finnish perseverance. Gallant was created when Gylling Accounting Oy and Leppävaaran Laskenta Oy, two highly esteemed operators in their industry, joined forces. Over several decades both companies became diamonds in developing their clients’ business operations and growing their profits.

In the middle of change

It is spring 2018. There is pressing demand for comprehensive expertise on corporate finances: technology has not offered answers to operators with totally new kinds of challenges. Two successful family businesses find themselves in front of big questions. They want to expand their services and markets. How can they respond to growing demand? How can they ensure the quality of their services going forward? What is the best way to reach new markets?

A spark is ignited

Max Gylling and Tuomas Tahvanainen met each other, and the entrepreneurs’ goals, thoughts and values were a match. For years, their respective companies had helped customers stay one step ahead of the rest and find the right direction for their business.

Both found their greatest asset to be motivated and trained employees, and an attitude that makes each customer’s day better.

A firm handshake resulted in the creation of Gallant – a modern, innovative consortium of traditional and eminent specialists in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Pirkanmaa and Kanta-Häme.