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“International subsidiaries need financial management expertise”

Known for its fuel dispensers, GVR Finland Oy has decades long strong family business roots. The company’s operations as part of a multinational group set demanding premise for its financial management partner.

We have gone a long way from being a small local business, even though we are still on the same site. Since 2016, we have been part of the Fortive Group, a well-known conglomerate as a successful venture capitalist. In Finland, we focus on sales of fuel distribution and payment equipment, as well as installation and maintenance services, says Anne Katisko, Human Resources Manager at GVR Finland.

Anne has a strong vision of what an international subsidiary would expect from a financial partner. Most important is local expertise in tax and collective bargaining and payroll, as well as the ability to serve on time.

International subsidiaries need special expertise. I appreciate Gallant’s flexibility, knowledgeable staff and customer focus. Gallant’s experts work well with our financial services center in England. Reporting is on schedule and ad-hoc requests are met according to our needs, says Anne.

Service with routine

GVR Finland is a versatile customer from a financial management perspective, so a significant amount of information is exchanged between them and Gallant on a weekly basis. In addition to payroll calculation, the service includes taking care of employer and insurance obligations. Anne is responsible for Human Resources in five countries as well as HR for the European marketing function, so there is a need for expert help.

It is paramount to me that I can trust my payroll clerk and that he or she understands  what I mean from half a sentence. For a human resource manager, a good payroll clerk is a prerequisite for a successful job. I strongly recommend Gallant as a partner for international affiliates, Anne continues.

Emerging technology

GVR Finland is constantly developing better service concepts in terms of technology and payment. Current issues include a new automated model, new payment methods and payment security, instrumentation fuel storage tracking systems, and ever-evolving remote monitoring of equipment. At the same time, extreme weather fluctuations cause the maintenance organization to be in a hurry and require even greater capabilities.

With Gallant, we can focus on our business and rely on financial management, Anne says.