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Tax payment plan

What is tax payment plan and how can I apply for it?

Tax payment plan is an alleviated payment plan for companies facing payment difficulties due to the coronavirus.

Tax authorities recommend only applying to the plan after you already have overdue tax payments. Payment plan can be requested for taxes that are due on 1.3.2020 or after. If the payment plan is approved, all outstanding tax liabilities will be added to the plan without separate request until 31.5.2020.

It is possible to divide the instalments over a maximum period of two years and the first instalment will become payable three months after the plan has been approved. Taxes in a payment plan are not sent out for collection, nor are they published in the tax debt register or in a protest list.

In addition, the delayed tax interest rate will be reduced from seven (7) percent to four (4) percent for the taxes in the payment plan.

You can apply for a tax payment plan in MyTax starting from 25.3.2020 and also by phone at the Tax Administration’s telephone number 029 497 028, with the exception of car and excise tax that can only be requested by phone from number 029 497 156.

Before contacting the tax administration or preparing the application, it should be clear what euro amount is included in the payment plan and in how many instalments you would like to pay it.

Your own accountant can help you with the tax payment plan.