Should a company manage Human Resources In-house or outsource it?

In many companies, human resource management is not really anyone’s responsibility, and its various areas and tasks have been shared among employees. For example, a company may have its own payroll processor, but other human resources management tasks are handled by several different people. This leaves HR tasks without a leader and a company might operate without formal employee policies and procedures. If there is not enough time or resources to take care of human resources in-house, it might be a good idea to outsource it.

Often, HR professionals work in an organization alone, finding themselves struggling in the jungle of labor law, staff well-being and development without a mentor. Our HR Advisors have extensive experience in various areas of human resources management and knowledge of current legal changes and regulations. They would be happy to support the development of your company’s HR processes.

HR Advisor service supports company’s HR management

The CEO or other company executives often have their calendar full of work related to the company’s operations, and there is not enough time for human resource management tasks. Outsourcing human resources management to a competent partner frees up resources for the development of the company’s actual business. The purpose of our HR Advisor service is to support the personnel management of your company.

HR management involves many different processes and legal obligations that need to be taken care of. It is usually easier to first outsource one area, such as payroll management. The partnership is often deepened, for example as the company grows.

If you want to invest in company’s strategic development, free up time to grow the business or bring reinforcement to the substantive skills of human resources management, we recommend our service to support your HR management.

HR Advisor service can be helpful for example in the following situations

You want to handle everything in accordance with the law and you need insight into the development of human resource management

Human resource management requires expertise. Our HR Advisor service ensures that everything is taken care of at the right time, in accordance with labor laws and the collective agreements.

Well-managed human resource management not only covers HR processes but also supports the development of company’s business and business strategy. Our advisors have experience in developing the HR processes of companies in various fields and incorporating them into the company’s strategy.

You want to increase the efficiency of your company and achieve cost savings

Clear processes in HR management and payroll clarify operating methods and make operations more efficient. By streamlining operations, the HR Advisor service brings savings in both resources and costs.

You want to invest in your company’s strategy and success

Well-managed personnel and HR management, defined as part of the company’s strategy and management practices, support business success.

You need help temporarily or for a longer period of cooperation

If you need temporary support, longer-term cooperation, or someone to help in an acute emergency, our HR Advisor is always available. The amount and content of the service can be changed flexibly according to your company’s situation. Our HR Advisor service supports your company in its growth stages.

How can we help your business?

We understand that the heart and driving force of a company is its staff. It is important to us that our advisors know the industry, business, values, ​​and strategy of our customers. We want to provide our customers the best possible support for successful business.

Because HR management involves many different processes, it can be difficult to know how to develop it. We will be happy to guide you. Our advisors will map out your situation and suggest solutions that are right for your business, whether it is a short-term project or a long-term cooperation. We will also be happy to work on your premises if necessary.

We can help your company e.g. in the following areas:

  • Acting as a deputy for HR management
  • Supporting the work of supervisors
  • Advice on labor law Consultation and advice on Finnish labor laws
  • Employment and expatriate agreements
  • HR and payroll audits
  • Building a human resources strategy and plan
  • Development of personnel processes and creation of practices
  • Development of internal cooperation and supervisory work
  • Development of payroll management processes
  • Co-operation negotiations
  • Employment counseling: special issues in payroll calculation, collective bargaining counseling, acting as a liaison for occupational health care
  • Labor Law: labor law matters, Redundancies, Termination of Employment, Disputes and Counseling
  • International situations: foreign workers in Finland, posted workers, posting agreements, counseling
  • Personal development plans

Minna Aaltonen | HR Advisor | hr@gallant.fi

Experienced in human resource development, process development and HR practices with good knowledge of Finnish labor laws.

Leave us a contact request and together we can find out how to support your human resources management.