Accounting and financial statements

This Gallant service offers all forms of accounting, preparation of financial statements, and filing of tax returns. Our accounting specialists ensure that your company’s financial administration is based on accurate and up-to-date information and includes the necessary documents. This helps build a solid financial foundation for the long-term development of business operations.

During negotiations on financial statements, we discuss material events and plan how to use the profits generated.

A personal team and contact person assure the efficiency of the service.

Cash flow prediction tells the future

Cash flow prediction produces valuable and reliable information about the future outlook in cash flows, in addition to accounting details and financial statements. Cash flow forecasts help you manage the development of your company’s cash flows and ensure that you have enough cash at all times. When your company’s cash management is in order, you can make decisions on investments from a stable foundation – assured that there is enough money for purchase invoices and wages even tomorrow.

Konepaja Enne
The people at Gallant have always been accurate and conscientious. With Gallant's experts, we have succeeded even in tough competition and have maintained a good credit rating. Pirkko Kallio, Konepaja Enne