Gallant Advisory

Gallant’s advisors on corporate law, taxation, financial management, HR management, and IT systems are professionals in success. We create the preconditions so you can succeed and have a good night’s sleep. Gallant provides its services equally, as both a local and international partner.

You focus on success, Gallant handles the numbers and keeps management, investors, employees and clients happy.

Client’s success as the profession

Gallant Legal helps with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and legal affairs. Gallant Tax is your solution for optimizing taxation, and Gallant CFO produced up-to-date data of your financial figures, so you can plan your business operations even better than before. Gallant Startup steers your new company to the right track, and Gallant HR manages your personnel administration. Gallant IT provides savings by means of IT systems in financial management.

Legal matters

Our services in corporate law cover the whole life cycle of business operations, from the establishment of a company to the start-up phase, growth and potential exit from ownership.

Tax consultancy

Our tax planning specialists ensure optimal and anticipated solutions for different situations: we provide expertise on optimizing the taxation of the company and its shareholders.


Gallant CFO provides help, support and advice with the establishment and growth of your company, mergers and acquisitions, succession, and planning and financing of investments.


Our professionals at Gallant are happy to help you start up a business and support the growth of the company!


Competent and motivated employees are the most important competitive factor of any enterprise. This is why having personnel practices and management that support both the company’s strategy and the well-being of its staff is important.

IT System Consultancy

Straightforward IT system competence in financial administration guarantees efficient business operations and an opportunity for sizable cost savings.